Privacy Policy

This privacy Policy will explain which information will be collected by Cleanserp, how it handles this information and how your privacy is guaranteed. By using the Website, you agree to be bound to our Privacy Policy

Information collection and use

In general, in the case you visit the Website, only visitor information will be saved, for instance history or user information (including but limited to your IP-address) for the purpose of maintenance, management, security, use and operation of the Website. This information will only be used to control our records and to get insight in the use of the services of Cleanserp, this for the purpose of improving our services.

When you explicit provide us with your personal information whether or not on our request such as your name, e-mail and / or address, Cleanserp will save this information. The saving of these information will be limited to the information needed to be able to contact you. This information will be treated with the utmost care and security. At all times you will have the possibility to refuse to provide the information as well as the right to whether or not on request view, edit or delete the information. If you choose to refuse to provide the information or to remove the information, the possibility exist that you are limited in the use of the services of the Website.

In the case you will send us an e-mail or contact us by means of the contact form, Cleanserp will use your information only to provide you with an answer to your questions.

Cleanserp and cookies

A "cookie" is a small piece of data which is send to the hard-disk of your computer when you visit a website. The cookies of Cleanserp are only used to save information in order to improve the functionality of Cleanserp. They will also save your personal settings. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. It is possibly to set your browser to refuse cookies or to warn you in case a cookie is send to your computer. When you choose to refuse a cookie, it is possibly that some parts of Cleanserp will not function proper anymore.

Other companies show advertisements on Cleanserp. It is possible that these companies or partners thereof will place a cookie on your computer. Cleanserp is not liable for any acts or omissions of these companies in relation to the foregoing.

Links to other sites

In the search results on Cleanserp a direct link is showed to a web page or a file related to the search results. Clicking on this link will take you to this webpage or file. The websites or files which are shown in our search results or on websites which you are referred to by Cleanserp are developed by people on who Cleanserp does not have any influence (you can read this in the Terms of Use / Disclaimer). These sites can send there own cookies to users, collect data or ask for private information. Above all Cleanserp wants to make it clear that it cannot guarantee anything about the way these website deal with the privacy of there visitors.

Your permission and changes in the Privacy Policy

By using this Website, you agree to be bound to the information which we have displayed and explained to you about our Policy. Cleanserp is allowed to change this Policy at any time. If we change this Policy, we will put every change we make on this webpage so you will informed about the information we collect, the way Cleanserp uses this information and the circumstances under which the information is used. Changes in the Policy of Cleanserp will never mean a limitation of your rights in comparison of the given information in previous Policies.